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Quantum theory/entanglement is largely considered a scientific-fictional concept of subatomic particles that current technology has yet to learn about. I wanted to approach it in a less realistic manner, but rather exploring the space-time entanglement prong of the quantum theory. I want to put the theory in a more layman and relatable position, the fantasy entanglement universe of zeitgeists inspired by real events experienced through the ages.

Everything exists for and because of each other.

Here are some links that illustrate quantum space-time entanglement in better detail:

Quantum Time – Exactly What Is Time?

Quantum time: Is this where the flow of existence comes from?

Everything exists for and because of each other — collective existence.



The collective body–   


Laymanising science—
Everything but the Brain on family matters and the theory of relativity.

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Sample sketch—
each element comes from cultural and milestone event references, Qin concubine’s jade mirror, roman wrist cuff, nokia phone appears again in another motif (continuity and co-existence)