it’s raining men


The microphone emoji is most likely to be their ‘safe emoji’. A safe word is used frequently in BDSM sexual acts. Due to the nature of the sexual act, ‘no’s and ‘stop’ does not actually mean stop. In fact, this is all part of the activity, to increase pleasure and reality of the BDSM act. At a time like this, a safe word is then used to actually mean stop, when they really intend for it to stop. A safe word is determined before the sexual acts and is usually a word that is irrelevant to the sexual act. In the case of Julie and Mike, the microphone might actually be their ‘safe emoji’. This is because the microphone emoji is completely irrelevant to sadomasochistic and sexting. The other emojis such as ??? are all emojis that are frequently used in flirting, whereas the rest of the emojis are items that may be involved in the sexual act, acting as tools to further enhance the pleasure and intensity of the act.

The toilet emoji may seem irrelevant to the BDSM sexual acts, but in fact, the toilet emoji is often used to represent sickness and nauseousness, or bad feeling in general.

However, with further research, even the microphone emoji which seems entirely out of context, might actually be related to Julie and Mike’s sadomasochistic sexting. The microphone phone, in certain contexts, may mean ejaculation.

With that, this shows that language can take on different shapes when they are placed in different contexts. Individual’s understanding of the word, or in this case, emoji, may not be the same across cultures, identities as well as contexts.



Sex positive is concerned with having positive attitudes about sex and feeling comfortable with one’s own sexual identity and with the sexual behaviors of other people. Sex-positive people are generally more open to learning about sex and sexual activity, which many are not very explicit about it. They believe that sex is an essential and normal part of life and not a taboo topic. Sex-positive people are also accepting of others’ sexual practices as long as the participants feel comfortable and safe about it. Not only that, they also embrace others’ sexual orientation and lifestyle, without judging them.

Sex positive has resulted in more openness to the other existing sexualities which are previously under/misrepresented. Heterosexual has always been placed and positioned as the most desirable, and also the most powerful force. Heteronormativity views heterosexuality as the desired and the norm of the society, neglecting all other existing sexualities that exist. Heteronormativity also separated people into separate and binary genders (male and female), accompanied by roles that their gender is ‘supposed’ to play. Heteronormativity has shaped the way society, as well as individuals, view their own gender identity behavior. They are being taught the way to act and behave as a ‘normal’ person implicitly.

With sex positivity, more focus could be placed on the other sexual orientation and desires. Sex positive increases awareness to the other neglected sexualities and educates people that sexuality is not just about the male/female binary and that there is nothing wrong with being lesbian/gay/queer. Also, with sex positivity, heteronormativity may no longer shape people’s views on other sexualities and sexual orientations, as well as desires.

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