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Evocative Objects : The Macrowave [Process]

Initial Ideas Potential Themes: Global Warming Uses of natural elements as objects with potential global warming sounds. Fire and water – coal and water sizzling Water and air – bubbling sound Earth and Water – blurping, squishy, sticks and mud (melting of ice caps) Earth and Fire – burning sound (deforestation/burning fossil fuels) Earth and Air – wind blowing trees,… Read more →

Evocative Objects [ Research ]

Here are some of my artist inspiration for the whole project on sound installations/works that i explored:-   THE SECRET WORLD OF STUFF – SEAN CHARMATZ Sean Charmatz is an Illustrator from Los Angeles that takes mundane footages from everyday objects and animate them to life. I felt that the sound clips used for these footages may not be anything special… Read more →

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