Project 1B- MISTAKEN

Project 1B has kicked off!

This time we have to create our very own characters for our ‘short film’ using the techniques learnt from project 1A!

During presentation- Introduction to my characters


In a world where there is constant unrest between the animal realms, none knew about the true enemy that has been lurking in darkness all these while. Fate decides to bring together three friends from different backgrounds to defeat the enemy together. Realising that all the animal realms have to work together to defeat the enemy, they embark on a journey to prove that there is more to each other realms than meets the eye. However, one of them has a secret that is not to be revealed.

My poster for my new short film concept

My poster was done using photoshop where it shows my three characters appearing in silhouettes to give a more cool feeling. The ‘true enemy’ is shown in the poster above the characters in a more mysterious way thus the faded look of the enemy.

Perry the Shark- British roots Powers: Able to float in the air, has troubles with navigating Characteristics: Happy-go-lucky, Silly, Funny, The baby of the team

Perry was an outcast of his realm due to his abilities to be able to float out of water causing all his species to feel that he is cursed-which is why he is edited to be in the clouds. His mouth is open to actually give the happy smile face to show a more cheery personality.

Carmen the owl – American roots Powers: Laser eye beams and intel(Adapted from owls eyes are the most powerful) Characteristics: Wise, mature, gives good advices

Carmen is also an outcast of his realm due to his laser beam abilities, he is constantly made use of by his leader to do odd jobs that they were too lazy to do. However, Carmen is wisest and he most intelligent owl in his realm that is further enhanced by his intel abilities.

Shang the tiger – Asian roots Powers: Able to control water elements + fly Characteristic: Egoistic, arrogant but strong and good leadership.

Shang is an outcast in his realm due to his strong powers to control water elements and being born with retractable wings. Being egoistic and stubborn, Shang does not have any friends due to him being too proud and being a show-off most of the time.

Further elaboration on my story: The three animals are outcasts from their own realms in which they were ‘sacrificed’ to find out the answers to why something weird was happening with the flow of the Earth’s energy. Ultimately, the leaders of the realm knew that they would not find anything and might end up not coming back to the realm. However, these three friends met up to find out that they are all alike in one way-they are all special. They all then set out on the adventure to defeat the evil villain. However what they do not know is that one of them is being suspicious and is keeping a fatal secret to himself..

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