Week 2 Assignment Part 1

In your group, organize your documentation and notes from the observation and analysis of the MRT and create a slide-show presentation that you’ll share in class.  Observe, take field notes, identify where things go wrong and what idiosyncrasies you notice through your observations. What are some unusual things that you notice?  Make sketches, notes and document with photos to carefully analyze the user experience during this field trip. Make observations on how other people move through public space.

What solution would you propose to the “things that go wrong”? Remember, to think about scale in that your proposal might be simple or more complex.  Consider what the challenges might be to implement your proposal.

UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_1 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_2 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_3 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_4 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_5 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_6 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_7 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_8 UXD - Idiosyncrasies_Page_9

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