Creative Response – Bauhaus

‘Homes within home’

This composition that I have created was inspired by the flats you see around Singapore. The semicircles at the top and bottom join together to form a circle while I made use of squares and triangles to form the flats. I realised that the hierarchy of the shapes in the art pieces of the bauhaus movement is somewhat important. The placement of the semicircles encompassing the squares and triangles is to depict a safe feeling that we Singaporeans feel living here in Singapore. Additionally, it is to show that we find home here within Singapore.

I have defied all of Kandinsky’s colour shape theory where I used red for both circles and triangles, yellow and blue for squares. There is no particular reason for the colours chosen for the particular shapes except for the semicircles where they are supposed to join together to represent a little red dot which is Singapore. However, coincidentally while I was dong this composition, I got reminded of the tiles of the tables and chairs you see at our common void deck as shown below so I guess you can say I got inspired by these colours.

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