Mobile Phone Dock with Speakers

For this assignment, we are suppose to create a low fidelity model of a mobile phone dock with speakers. The sketch above is my ideation. I wanted to create a multi-purpose mobile phone dock instead of it just being a mobile phone dock only. From my sketch, you can see that my mobile dock has 3 layers and they are detachable. The top layer that’s shaped like a trapezium is actually a stationery holder. The middle layer is the mobile phone dock itself while the last layer is the speaker. Well… I guess the cool thing about the speaker is that it is portable! I intended for it to be portable where you can detach from the entire system so that you can bring around for convenience sake. I thought that it will be good because a portable speaker always come in handy during a gathering with friends or party.

I proceeded to cut up some foam to construct the shape of my mobile phone dock.

This is the shape of the top layer of my mobile phone dock. Later on from this block of trapezium, I cut up pieces of them as you can see below:

From the pieces I cut up, I then form back the shape of the top layer but now there’s a hole in the middle where you can store stationeries as you can see above.

These two blocks above are in preparation for the middle and last layer. For the middle layer which is the mobile phone dock itself, I cut a slit in the middle of the smaller block where you can fit a phone in. For the speaker, I actually cut up smaller foam to make the buttons of it. All these which I forgot to take photos 🙁 But I’ll show you the process of me piecing them together and adding colour to the entire model.

I wanted to create a wood texture for my object so I went to do a research on how to create it with paint. I found out that you can use yellow ochre, brown and a darker brown to create this texture with a sponge. Let me show yall how! Might not be that good but I tried :)))

So you first paint the base with the lightest colour which is yellow ochre then you proceed to paint the  subsequent layers by using brown first then later the darker brown so you get this effect:

So I mentioned earlier I didn’t manage to take photos of the process of me making the middle and last layer. So here are the photos of them after I’ve painted them.  I then proceeded to piece them together:

Just for fun I made a promotional poster for my mobile phone dock with speakers:

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