Why did you choose this space or object to photograph?

I love looking at plants! Plants are like living artwork; the structure of plants are sometimes really super cute! And I find that I recognise so many elements of art in nature itself– the collective movement of leaves as they grow towards the sun or the intricate crown of a tree letting patterns of light flit on the ground.

I often take a slow morning walk to ADM from my hall and look at the nature living in NTU. One of my favourite plants to admire on my morning walk is the plants outside of ADM!! The leaves are really very cute– they are rounded like little paddles and they grow upwards towards the sun.  the colours on the leaves are also very interesting and I looove the colour gradation in its crowns! The flowers from this plants is also charming as heck­– little balls of tightly curled waxy petals that hid a delicate stamen. Absolutely ADORABLE.

As such, I took a photo of the plants because they are one of things I love most about ADM.

What are some of the characteristics of this alternative virtual space you had created collectively?

The virtual space that we created was architectural where most photos were of the architecture of the space.

A lot of the spaces submitted were also located in ‘in-between’ spaces– spaces that were in-between destinations of interest. These ‘in between’ spaces consisted of corridors, walkways, vending machines and staircases.

Lastly, the virtual space we created was not documentary in nature but rather curated ‘culturally’. This is meaning to say that most spaces submitted was significant to the culture of ADM students– the corridor before the dreaded foundation drawing class, the revered social waterhole of the vending machine or the beautiful façade of our building.

Under what circumstance will this alternative virtual space change?

As the architecture and culture of our campus changes, so will this virtual space.

How does this project relate to what we discussed in the lecture regarding co-creation, the concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-With-Others (DIWO)?

I think this space cannot be curated without the input of multiple perspectives of different people. We experience adm differently; each individual had unique experiences that when combined will showcase a more holistic expression of adm’s space.