it’s raining men

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hello and welcome to our in-class/take-home/do-it-wherever exam!

please pick two questions, answer them in a single blog post, categorize the post as ‘it’s raining men‘ and schedule it to be published at 3:30pm. make sure to draw on the material we have covered so far (the textbook) as well as other online sources which you should reference (hyperlink) in your essay. 



Julie and Mike are into sadomasochistic sexting. Which among these emojis is most likely their ‘safe emoji’? Why?


Remember Donald Trump’s ‘this-was-locker-room-banter’ excuse after that video of his conversation with a group of men on a bus in 2005 was released last October during the presidential campaign? I’m sure you do… Now, read the top three entries for ‘locker room talk‘ in the UrbanDicitionary. Do you agree with these definitions? Do they fully capture what ‘locker room banter’ is and what social/interpersonal functions it serves?


What does it mean to be ‘sex-positive’? You can start by reading this, this, and this. What are, in your opinion, its implications for contemporary identity politics?

good luck! 🙂

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