what’s wrong with labels?

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In class, we talked about the proliferation of labels used to describe (and perhaps even fix) different ‘sexual identities’, and how these have been useful in mobilizing members of the so-called ‘sexual minorities’ to fight the stigma and claim their rights. These labels, however, have shown to be controversial, and they have been the topic of considerable debate. You can read about some of these issues here. Feel free to comment.

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(Edit) sakthi
Although there is a gap in funding for several groups of people for important things like HIV interventions, I feel that it is inevitable. Political motivations mean that funding will always be targeted at the largest groups where help can reach the most. However, I feel that more should be done to bridge this gap.
(Edit) Clara
Labels can act as a positive movement but can also be detrimental to the group that is being labelled, depending on how the label is being used.
(Edit) Jaslyne Loh
Labels are wrong as some groups remain invisible to development because they are not considered to be 'high priority' in terms of funding. For example, lesbians are excluded from certain HIV interventions, funding and research as they are not the high group in contracting HIV.
(Edit) Sera Goh
The labelling of the minority groups is a very sensitive issue, and also one that is difficult to deal with. While the minority groups themselves don't like people outside their group to call them by those labels, they themselves are allowed to use it within the group. However, this leads to segregation of the community, and the fact that there is even a need to label these minority groups further separates the community as well.
(Edit) jiaxuantan
Labels can be both beneficial and at the same time, bad for individuals.

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