Final Project Rehearsal


Week 12: November 5 – 11

Each student will rehearse their broadcast project for OSStv, insuring that all technical and material elements are prepared, as well as physical and virtual locations for the work. We will also discuss transitions between works, graphics, social media, coordination of technical needs, and the overall broadcast setup in Wirecast Pro. Location: B1-14


Due Next Week: Thursday, November 12

1 – Final Project

All final projects are to be completed and ready for  broadcast on the last day of class. See the Final Project Assignment for further details.

Due Monday, November 16

2 – Project Hyperessay #3: Project Page / Conclusion

NOTE: For the last installment of the project hyperessay, create a page rather than a post, and place it on the main menu of your Website. The concluding installment of the Project Hyperessay will give you an opportunity to synthesize the elements of your project. See the Project Hyperessay Assignment page for further details.


Planning for the Final Project

Student Feedback

Thank you everyone for completing the form!

OSStv: New Transmissions

Review the exhibition title, descriptions, and everyone names.

OSStv: New Transmissions
A Live Exhibition of Works for Internet TV
Keywords: escape, space, conversation, transformation, art/life, navigation

During the past 20 years, the Internet has ushered in the transformation of television, a medium that has shifted from the old broadcast paradigm to one that is potentially non-hierarchial, decentralized, and personalized. Students from Open Source Studio: Internet Art & Technology have each explored their own vision of what television can and might be. OSStv is our first Internet tv exhibition exploring new works of broadcasted art that are interactive, spontaneous, conversational, and most importantly: live. Join us from anywhere in the world for a two-hour transmission via YouTube Live from the NTU School of Art, Design & Media in Singapore. Works by Paige Baxter, Angel Cheong, Esmond Heng, Kamarul, Beverley Ng, Jaysee. Organized by Randall Packer

OSStv Workshop

I am planning a workshop from 2:30pm to 5:30pm on Friday, the 6th in my office to work on the following:

Jaysee (YouMap): 4:15 – 5:00
Kamarul (Escape): 2:00 – 2:30
Paige (Atypical Conversation): 2:30 – 3:30
Angel (): Not coming.
Esmonde: ()Coming
Beverley: (

  • Social Media (Angel): creating a Facebook event page to include the following items: banner graphic, event description including the URL, time and place, and sharing to all class Facebook friends.
  • Coordination (Jaysee and Paige): creating a schedule for all projects, including any software and hardware needs, props, special setup requirements and location. This needs to be placed into a Google spreadsheet and share out to the whole class. Paige can act as stage manager making sure everyone is at their places throughout the performance, following the cuesheet.
  • Broadcast setup (Kamarul and Jaysee): a list of all materials, graphics, cameras, desktops that need to be setup in Wirecast Pro for each project. This also needs to be placed into a Google spreadsheet. This will essentially be our cuelist for the performance
  • Graphics (Esmonde): We need to produce the following graphics: banner for Facebook page (785×295), made up of a collage of individual projects, the lower third graphic for each work (we need all titles!), and transitional graphics, which will consist of a title / image from each project that reads: OSStv “Name of Project” …. kind of like Saturday night live:


Dropbox Project Repository

I need everyone’s personal email addresses to share with our Dropbox folders of project images.

Equipment and Materials Checklist

Jaysee will put together a checklist of all materials and equipment for each project. Google Doc.

Project Hyperessay #3: Conclusion

This is the summary essay, which includes documentation of the final project and conclusive thoughts about the work. See the Project Hyperessay page for additional information. Due Monday, November 16th.

Be sure and create the final Project Hyperessay assignment as a page rather than a post. You will need to create a main menu and then add the page to the menu. We will review this in class.

Interactive Media Performance Event

As part of advising day, Interactive media is hosting a live performance event: Live Media & Sound Performance, on Monday, November 16th from 1-2pm in 111a to present work by IM students. This will be a chance to show your work to ADM students. I would like to feature two or three live projects, particularly among the IM majors.