Materials Workshop: Reveal and Conceal


Week 8: March 10 – March 16

This is the first of a series of workshops in which students will focus on costumes, wearables, and garments towards the final project. Students create garments, sensors, and wearables: transforming light and space with an element of surprise, revealing the invisible, what might otherwise be concealed, challenging the viewer’s perception of what the garment appears to be. From slow mutation to rapid exposition, design a wearable that plays with the possibilities of hiding and exposing, changing and transforming. All electronics and textile orders from week 3 need to be ready for this workshop.


Due Next Week: Thursday, March 17

1 – Electronics Preparation

We are extending the due date on the acquisition of electronics for your costume wearables. Based on your costume design and construction, finalize and purchase your electronics in advance of next week’s Electronics Workshop. Next week we meet in room B-17, the sewing lab.

(from now until the end of the semester, all workshop preparations will be worth 5 points each)

2 – Project Update #1

Document the work you have done in class as well during the course of the week: in this case, costume construction. Take photographs of your work, describing each image to document your process. This is a very important aspect of this course: we are not just concerned with the end result, but with process, the documentation of ideas, materials, objects, and creative activity.

Be sure to use the category “Final Project” with your post.

** This is just a heads-up that costumes and wearable need to be fully functional in two weeks for the Movement Workshop (March 24). We don’t expect them to be 100% completed, but ready for rehearsal and the development of movement.

You can use B-17 after 5pm each day to work on your garments and wearables. This room has sewing equipment. Your card access will be activated very soon. Next week we are meeting in B-17 during regular class time.


Review Project Hyperessays

Discuss everyone’s hyperessays, review key concepts and ideas, and begin to synthesize the ideas for the final realization of the Touch networked performance work.

Be sure you are using the category “Project Hyperessay.” Also, make sure you carefully read the assignment instructions for the incorporation of readings, artworks, etc.

Costume Construction

Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.10.40

In the Materials Workshop: Conceal and Reveal, students will a create a garment that transforms with an element of surprise. Is it what it appears to be? From slow mutation to rapid exposition, you will then design a wearable for next week that plays with the possibilities of hiding and exposing, changing and transforming.

It is also your assignment to conceptualize a wearable that addresses themes and concepts of the final project. Refer to the Final Project for details. We will also discuss student Project Hyperessays for specific ideas.

By the week 10 Movement Workshop,  you should have a fully functioning costume and reactive/interactive wearable, which you will give a unique title and refine for the performance. Clarify the context in which this work is situated; reflect on the message, significance and the scope of the outcome. Over the course of the next few weeks, document through a series of Project Updates, each step of the process in OSS through text, photos and video, and if applicable, any other suitable media. Make sure the materials present your work in the best possible way.

Electronics Presentation

Nagaraju (Naga) Thummanapalli, senior assistant manager of Animation at ADM, will present to us his research on wearables and data transmission. He will be assisting us with our project this semester.

Chat Space

Students will use the Whatap chat space to discuss the ongoing work and share ideas.