Movement Workshop: (Dis)embodiments


Week 10: March 24 – March 30

For the final project, we will explore the interaction between costumes and wearables with the body, garments, movement and imaging. Angeline Young will lead an in class micro-project that involves choreographing and networking movement between ASU and NTU. During this session, the class will begin the process of integrating movement, light, imaging and networking to explore the disembodiment of movement and touch in the third space, movement as a medium of communication and reach across the distance of the telematic connection.


Due Next Week: Thursday, March 31

1 – Costume / Wearable Construction

Continue to work on costumes and wearables

2 – Project Update #3

Document the work you have done in class as well during the course of the week: in this case, costume construction. Take photographs of your work, describing each image to document your process. This is a very important aspect of this course: we are not just concerned with the end result, but with process, the documentation of ideas, materials, objects, and creative activity.

Be sure to use the category “Final Project” with your post.

You can use B-17 after 5pm each day to work on your garments and wearables. This room has sewing equipment. Your card access will be activated very soon. Next week we are meeting in B-17 during regular class time.


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This workshop will explore movement vocabulary with garments, wearables, sensors and their visualization.