My 2 favorite iLight installations

The installation I remembered most was Groove Light by a group of NUS students. It was geometric sculpture that changes the shadows made when you move the lightbulb up and down. The theme that year was “In Praise of Shadows”, so it was quite an apt installation. It would’ve been nice if it was bigger such that the shadow became the size of a pavilion, however judging by the complexity of the structure it’s not realistic to demand so much from the team.

Groove Light, Chris Tan 2016
Groove Light, Chris Tan 2016


Another great installation was the Secret Galaxies projection done by an audiovisual collective called Syndicate. They had a conceptual music video projected onto the Art Science Museum exterior, depicting the planets in the solar system. Each planet was shown with it’s role in human myths, with accompanying music. An example would be Venus being shown with vines due to its connection with fertility and vegetable growth¬†“Venus and the Cabbage”¬†Hermes, 91, (1963) p. 451. ,while a verse from the song Close To You by The Carpenters plays. It was great that there was a sound component even when the festival only required light art. Maybe for the final project, other media can be incorporated.

Secret Galaxies, Chris Tan 2017

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