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Week 11 – The car as a driver

This week’s focus revolved around 2 sections which were, How the car signals its intentions to pedestrians and other cars. How the car signals its intentions to its passengers.   For section 1, Teague Labs has done research on this very issue, however their project is focused on a farther future when traffic lights are phased out. This requires the… Read more →

Week 2 Reading Reflection

    After reading the chapter, I find the way he gathers insight of something intangible as culture very interesting. Just sitting in a corner and observing people moving or chatting with locals can reveal so much. Applying the examples to Singapore would be to notice small objects or umbrellas on food court tables to reserve a seat, or having… Read more →

Wally (The Visuals)

The Inspiration . Our initial idea is to do something candid and fun, making the wall a Fourth Wall to interact with the audience, because we felt that was something missing in the artworks currently portrayed. .                     Live Demonstration of Pygmies (2011)                    … Read more →

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