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Week 11 – The car as a driver

This week’s focus revolved around 2 sections which were, How the car signals its intentions to pedestrians and other cars. How the car signals its intentions to its passengers.   For section 1, Teague Labs has done research on this very issue, however their project is focused on a farther future when traffic lights are phased out. This requires the… Read more →

Week 8 – The Limit of Sketches

This week comprised a followup from last week, aiming for more refined sketches of a car’s interior. One idea came form an exploration of the car’s seating, in the form of a sushi restaurant’s conveyor belt. It allows maximum flexibility because everyone has a different ritual before they start their trips. Seats are also able to be removed according to… Read more →

Week 7 Comic Situations

This week was purely sketching practice and imagining issues that would arise with autonomous cars in use, to come up with possible solutions in the future.   First up are sketches of a car interior with a holographic assistant. I gave the assistant simple shapes to make them less intimidating. Below is the interior in a more zoomed out view,… Read more →

Week 6 Off Tangent

This week I went off tangent, preparing a timeline of autonomous vehicle implementation, and a survey to gauge public perception of autonomous vehicles. In the survey, I wrote down situations that would let the reader interact with an autonomous car. Examples of questions included reacting to sudden roadblocks, trusting your child to the care of an autonomous vehicle, and also… Read more →

Week 5 The Autonomous Future

After a short sighted week, the idea of autonomous cars interested me.   In an article titled Preparing a Nation for Autonomous Cars,¬†, Autonomous vehicles are able to provide independence to those who are unable to drive, such as the elderly and young children. They also can lessen the amount of vehicles on the road due to increased usage of… Read more →

Week 4 Looking Towards The Future

This week’s inspiration came from the Internet of Things. As an environmental navigational aid, I looked to streetlights, thinking that they might help navigation for pedestrians. One usage case might be joggers or cyclists, giving them additional eye-level bulbs that light up in succession like an airport runway guiding a jetplane, and also functioning as distance markers to motivate them.… Read more →

Week 3 Finding How People Get Lost

This week consisted mostly of research into how people navigate. One consideration was to change the layout of an MRT station. Inspirations for this week included this fascinating TED talk that changed the function of a public space with just paint. It gave me an idea of painting public transport nodes with different lines to guide commuters.   In an… Read more →

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