Art History Essay Draft: Introduction and Paragraphs

Question 2: What is Chinese Buddhist Art? Compare two sculptures and address the question of change in art and religion when Buddhism arrives in China. The images need to be from lecture or from the Asian Civilizations Museum


Buddhism not only brought about a change in Chinese art, particularly sculptures, but Chinese art techniques also contributed to the evolution of Buddhist traditions and practices.


  • Define Chinese Buddhist Art
  • Brief description of How Chinese Buddhist Art came about
  • Talk about claim
  • Mention the changes Buddhism brought into Chinese Art, mainly sculpture

Paragraph 1

  • Talk about ancestral worship and religion in general before Buddhism emerged in China
  • Mention the types of sculpture being made, which mostly are categorised under secular art
  • Refer to Terracotta Army as an example of pre-Buddhist sculpture art in China
source : Museum of the City,

Paragraph 2

  • Visual analysis of the terracotta army sculptures.
  • Describe Chinese sculpture techniques used in this artwork


Paragraph 3

  • General background content on how Buddhism arrived in China
  • Describe Change in Chinese Art from secular to religious art which Buddhism became more popular
  • Refer to Image of  Chinese wooden Bodhisattva from the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE)

Paragraph 4:

  • visual analysis of Chinese wooden sculpture of Bodhisattva
  • Description of techniques used to create artwork
  • Similarities and differences between the two sculptures


Paragraph 5:

  • How the techniques used in sculpture had changed with the introduction of Buddhism in Chinese Art
  • Mention how Chinese Art in turn has influenced Buddhist traditions and practices


  • reiterate all the points made
  • brief summary on how Buddhism has changed Chinese art, sculpture in particular and how in turn, Chinese influences are deeply embedded in Buddhist traditions and practices.


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