The world through my eyes..

For the second Assignment of this semester, we were tasked to show the world through the POINT OF VIEW of something, be it an object of person.

While browsing through previous works done by seniors and other examples, I was lost as to how to make my work unique to myself.

At first, I had decided to do a series of designs from the point of view of a smartphone.




However, I realised after reviewing it and sharing some of it with my classmates, that it was too predictable despite my efforts. so I decided to change my approach and go with a wallet instead (inspiration taken from my own wallet which was conveniently just in front of my at that time)

IMG-20160416-WA0000 IMG-20160416-WA0003


After short listing the final 6, I started drafting out the images on paper

IMG-20160416-WA0002 IMG-20160416-WA0004


I decided to use a simplistic, almost children’s story book-like, style for the drawings to give it the fun and innocent touch.




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