Art and Ecology: Zen Teh “Vestiges” – Thoughts

Thoughts on Zen Teh’s Exhibition – Vestiges

When i first went into the exhibition, I was pretty confused as well as intrigued by the pieces of ceramics (?) or slabs of broken stone that stood on each of the stands. Really glad that we were able to stay and hear about the artist herself talk about the intentions behind her pieces as well as the thought process behind them. I felt that was particularly significant and gave me overall meaning to her works.

She also explained she worked in collaboration with her sister, who is an architect which was pretty cool to create accurate pieces that were representative to the venues she wanted to draw upon. From the stone pieces she went around looking for and finding to the pictures she projected and printed on the stones, I felt it was a more unique take and way of projecting how she felt of these nature environments.. like stones left unnoticed perhaps and only when one looks closer, do you see the beauty.


Another thing i never really got an answer out of was for the large pieces.. why were they in particular shapes? i never really understood But as for the feeling i got from them was a more solemn one.. especially with the black and white, but there was also an element of reflection from the glossy finish the piece was given.. perhaps it is time to see what harms we are doing to nature… as if it is not enough, we must see what is already lost to know…


One of my favourite pieces is possibly the rock piece that features the mangrove aerial roots of the mangrove forests. Ive always found mangroves interesting and really fascinating, and for me finding them on the stones was like a pleasant surprise! haha.




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