Interesting Object – 3D

 3D Object

This is my 3D object that i found interesting.

It is a necklace that was given by my penpal in Australia.

The necklace chain is a normal silver necklace that is thin and almost invisible.

The main pendant is a penguin with a green mineral stone colouration. It has a great alluring grace about it and the subtle green is nice.

Dominant – The silver chain makes up the overall of the necklace and is thin as compared to some of my other necklaces that i own.


Sub-Dominant – The silver penguin pendant that hangs from the silver chain complements the thin chain that holds the whole chain together rather than disrupt the flow of my eyes.

Subordinate – The green mineral stone that sets itself at the belly of the penguin creates a subtle “ting” to the entire necklace, making the necklace even more special.

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