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Reflection on Graphic Design History





Hi Desmond,

I think in terms of the teaching style it’s quite good, I like the way you communicate with us, it is really friendly and considerate. I think when I first met you at our Typo 1 class, your style was not that confident? But I can see that you are now more confident and assured about what you say, I think it really helps us a lot when you teach us what you believe in, it makes the information more reliable and credible.

I think I can tell that you are really passionate about graphic design, which in a way motivates me a lot. And when I emailed you I found that you always replied to me on the same day or next day before 2 am, and what really appreciate is your empathy, I think you can hear us out and think from our point of view, it is crucial to understand each other as designers. I think all of these make you a good lecturer. And I am not saying this to get a good grade or to please you, because I was about to write you a thank you letter at the end of this sem anyway. I just want to thank you for being a good lecturer, I mean you really show your passion, and please please keep it and bring it to more people! I must say before this sem started I really thought typo would be boring and after the first 3 lectures I did think so, but then you made me realized the attractiveness of it.

In terms of the MCQ, I’m ok with that, I mean, I don’t hate it. I think it is good for us to gain an overall idea of the graphic design history, whereas, for presentation, the scope is more specific, and I feel less pressured. But the MCQ is not intolerably hard and since I quite like graphic design history, it is not a burden for me.

  1. Thank you very much for the very kind words Ellie! Will keep it up! I’m also very happy to hear that you are enjoying Type 1 class and appreciating typography more now! Haha.

    I value your thoughts on the MCQ quizzes and presentation. I know we (the 3 different history lecturers) cannot please everyone, but we definitely appreciate everyone’s feedback to make the course better for the next batch of students.