IDev | Semester Project: Mid-High Fidelity Prototype

After Phase 2: Mid-Fidelity Prototyping, I’ve continued into Phase 3: Mid-High Fidelity Prototyping for 3 November (Week 12).

The schedule for this phase is refinements of the circuit and building of the interface/device.

0. Milestone for Mid-High-Fidelity Prototype (interaction + interface):

1. Building the device in Rhino 3D
During Phase 2: Mid-Fidelity Prototyping, I planned out the construction of the interface device (doll). Here it is again for reference:
I transferred this design onto Rhino 3D. As I am not a Product Design major and have 0 prior experience in this field before embarking on this project, I also sought valuable advice from a Product Design peer for optimising material and time. With all considerations in mind, here is the work in progress:

Here is how I designed the inner workings and structure to hold the LED lights and wires, keeping everything secure yet not glued shut, thus ensuring I am able to access the components inside if required:

2. 3D Printing
For 1 full developed and tested model, it took 2 days. This is due to a lot of trial and error printing, due to changing variables such as bed levelling, temperature, material type, etc.

Here’s a brief peek:

3. Assembly (of 1 device for testing)
As mentioned, it takes a few days to print 1 full doll. Thus, I decided to play it safe and print 1 first, assemble it to make sure it is fully working well, then print the second the following session.

Here’s the assembly process of slotting the wirings through the designed inner structure:

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