Forrest Gump: Final Prints

Two of my quotes are from the movie Mean Girls.

“Do you know why her hair is so big? It’s because its full of secrets.”

“So you agree? You think you really are pretty?”

Here are my final prints accompanied by some examples of the images that I threshold to attain my final print.  Enjoy!


avant-big-hair avant-big-hair





For this image and quote, I wanted to imitate the Mean Girl’s Burn Book style which was very pop and cut out style so instead of leaving the images nicely cut, I left the edges for the words uneven almost like a magazine cut out look. The concept behind this is more literal than the rest. I emphasis her head bigger than her body because it is too full of secrets that some of it are spilling out. I also made her lips bigger as someone who is full of secrets would always spread them.

quote-2 wenceslas_hollar_-_three_caterpillars_a_moth_and_four_butterflies



For this image and quote. I really like how the threshold effect is on the antique butterfly. I used butterfly to symbolise the idea of beauty with two eyes on it to show what is someone’s definition of beauty. I tried to make the butterfly like those that has like eyes on them. I decided to place numerous eyes around as the background as it represents how other would view your perception of beauty. I dissected the butterfly as well to show like ‘piecing together what is beauty’.





400_f_101158011_txvzcaysgpe8b4ruoo172is6isbvycoh ugly-duckling

For this image and quote, I decided to play on the idea of the ugly duckling and the beautiful swan which is a common symbolism for what is beautiful and what is ugly. I multiplied the swan as they were the ones judging the ugly duckling in the centre. Arranging them in a linear line towards the centre it draws the viewer to the centre. I also played with negative and positive to show good and bad.









For this image and quote, I made it even more abstract and this is the meaning behind the chosen images. I took an image of a young girl sitting with hands together, unsure as the girl who thinks she is pretty. Sitting on a lily pad, which is her ‘safe area’. The background is a galaxy, because she is in her own world. Beneath her, tentacles are out to get her and they represent the people ‘attacking’ her in a judgemental sort of way.

By far the last composition is my most favourite but took the least amount of thinking and came at such a weird timing! Overall this was a fun assignment both hands on and off.









Project 2: Sequentially – My Bedroom Is A Nightmare

My storyline i decided to play around what were the possibilities that could happen in my room. This was because in a creepy sense i did experience some supernatural things in my room before and decided to reinterpret it into my movie in a less scary sense.

For the second project, I decided to do my story in a photo illustration kind of way after seeing Sebastian Del Grosso’s work of photo illustration! Here are some of his works below.

7c8683f464bc64f0202840dd03a56d2e sketch_feeldesain_00 stock-photo-120585983

Finally here attached is my movie and I hope you enjoy it!