Products for Disability

The GlassOuse is an assistive mouse designed for people who cannot use their hands.

  • The mouse is designed like a pair of glasses and moving the cursor is based on head movements.
  • Clicking the mouse is based off biting the blue mouthpiece.


Cities Unlocked: A navigational product which uses 3D sound to guide the visually impaired around the urban landscape

  • The wearable empowers the visually impaired to be more independent and confident to perform normal day-to-day tasks/navigation.
  • The wearable provides the user with 3D-soundscapes, augmenting reality to provide a richer understanding of their surroundings.


EXO-Glove Poly

  • The wearable empowers the physically impaired (hands) to be more independent by performing normal day-to-day tasks.
  • The wearable uses a under-actuation mechanism (Pulley) to enhance mobility and grip


Fidget Cube

  • The product is designed to change the negative stigma of fidgeting.
  • The product also boosts productivity and free up brain space.


Modular Prosthetic Limb

  • The prosthetic limb can be controlled by the user’s thoughts.

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