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Reaching Out!

    This video has been designed by English Federation of Disability Sport(EFDS) to complement the charity’s successful Inclusive Communications Guide. The video talks about useful communication practices and principles and how the changes will help providers to reach a wider audience in sport and physical activity, including more disabled people. Read more →

Products for Disability

The GlassOuse is an assistive mouse designed for people who cannot use their hands. The mouse is designed like a pair of glasses and moving the cursor is based on head movements. Clicking the mouse is based off biting the blue mouthpiece.   Cities Unlocked: A navigational product which uses 3D sound to guide the visually impaired around the urban landscape… Read more →

Visual & Hearing impaired

Observation: Deaf & Blind people experience a dark world with no sounds. – They use their remaining senses : Smell & Touch to understand the world that we live in. – Identify people based on smell The mentor interacts and creates a bond with the disabled through these 2 senses that only she can experience. Read more →

Deaf / Partially Deaf

Observation: People with hearing disabilities tend to be more observant over their surroundings via Sight -Communicates by sign language (Deaf) -Able to communicate normally with the use of hearing aids (Partially Deaf) -Lip-reading (Both) The video shows how deaf people can contribute to society, working in a cafe serving tea through silence. Silence, which can be a barrier to a… Read more →

Interview with Volunteer/Helper From Rainbow Centre

This particular volunteer was working with children with autism, that are on a moderate to severe spectrum.   1) What are the problems they face as people with special needs? Do they themselves know that they have this particular issue? Individuals with autism basically have problems with social communication and interaction. I don’t think the students I have taught know… Read more →

Social Stigma faced by People with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities are faced with stigma and discrimination from the society where they live. Most people look down on them and treat them as special. Disabled people may find it hard to socialize with members of the society. This can lead to depression as well as self pity, if not checked. (http://www.dmd-aapd.org/people-with-disabilities/) Most celebrated achievers were born into a… Read more →

Types of Disabilities

Types of Disabilities 1) Mobility and Physical Impairments This category of disability includes people with varying types of physical disabilities including: Upper limb(s) disability Lower limb(s) disability Manual dexterity Disability in co-ordination with different organs of the body Disability in mobility can be either an in-born or acquired with age problem. It could also be the effect of a disease.… Read more →

Research: Design for Disability by Graham Pullin

In this book.. Disability – Complex interaction between features of a person & features of the environment & society that one lives. Impairment – Problem in body function / structure Inclusive Design / Universal Design – Considering issues of disabilities and seeks to make mainstream design accessible to everyone   Fashion Meets Discretion Designing for disability, tackling issues of discretion. Questions: 1) Should… Read more →

Research : People with Disabilities / Special needs

Notes: 1) Communication problems. 2) Allowing people with disabilities to be more independent 3) Helping students with special needs to learn the same thing as what normal students are learning 4) Integration and Inclusion Notes: 1) Autism (Issue) is a developmental disorder not learning disability – Definition: A mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and… Read more →

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