Mindwalk Film


This are the quotes / ideas that caught my attention throughout the film. the ending with the idea of living everyday exclaiming “What a day!” for that is all we can do is a good conclusion to all the debating between the System theory and the Cartesian way of life. All these arguments, stating what’s wrong and what’s right, eventually it all boils down to human nature itself. Live everyday to your fullest, whatever happens, happens.

” I feel just as reduced, called a system as being called a clock(cartesian thinking)

Thomas Harriman


Bubbles and the Utopian Island











I started thinking about how the system project:Bubbles could tie in with the Utopian Island:Roosterville and how it would work out. The idea of a Utopia to me feels like a place where all needs are met and the world of worries is in the past, however with all that brings about a monotonous life. Thus I felt that Bubbles itself which pops spontaneously brings about the idea of being reborn through death. This idea is still in it’s infancy stage but just trying to start creating connections.

Bubbles and my mindmap











This was the first mind map I did for my System project : Bubbles. I was never a fan of mind maps and half way through I got distracted and went to making points by the side which was easier for me to view and understand. Through the mindmap I found a few common themes that would be of interest to me and the ones I knew I didn’t want to touch on. Philosophy, toys, science and culture were topics that I felt could be connected.











I did a second mind map this time by focusing on the themes of my interest. I’ve more to expand on but I’m shifting from paper to digital as the messiness of my mind map confuses me. However I know that the concept of Bubbles as a simple toy that entertains people of all ages, and yet holds such deep philosophical meanings is a contrast I would want to explore on. The contrast of the kind of emotion it gives as well, as a toy it provides happiness yet as a vanitas symbol it represents death and it’s coming which normally brings about sadness.

Ripples about me











To create a ripple about me, I guess the way I would want to look at myself or someone is to know the different emotion or thought process they have on a daily basis for the current period. I believe the way someone views their day/life is a good indicator of the kind of person they are.

For me, I couldn’t find 10 different emotions to describe how I feel during a normal day, so there is only 6. They are

  • Absurdity
  • Transient
  • Free
  • Fearful
  • Noise (not an emotion but it’s basically the fluff and distraction in life)
  • Peace

I guess for this current time with my research into my FYP on the self and existentialism my thoughts and emotions are strongly affected by it. But I’m starting to have a realist attitude to what’s going on during my day/life and it’s kinda nice to notice all of it at the end of the day for a period of time.