5 thoughts on “Journey IV

  1. Charmaine HELLO AGAIN (y’all posting at the speed of light I cannot keep up) *grunts uglily*

    DAYUM this looks so good! The filming is so on point and the voice-over too! This looks like the professional indie Youtube videos that you see online!) I like the touch of using Tagalog (is it Tagalog I hope I got it right)- it gives the film a very nice dash of culture (does culture have anything to do with why she’s indoors?)
    But 10/10 by LFR (Lea’s Film Ratings) and I’m really looking forward to the final:D

  2. Hey Charmaine!

    SO GOOD HO MY GOD hahha it looks real professional and wowzies dat editing. It’s really pretty visually and you left some things unknown to the viewers so I felt curious and wanted to continue watching. There’s a narrative premise also which is interesting, haha hoping that the character would be able to go out soon! (Then again I’m scared for her also if she goes out like WHAT WILL HAPPEN and WHAT IF SHE GETS HURT yes I am so into this) Using Tagalog (its Tagalog right I’m not sure gahh) is a nice touch, but I’m still wondering what’s the purpose of using it haha. GOOD JOB CHARMAINE looking forward to updates hueheuheueh

  3. OH MY GOD this is soo goood!! really love the background music and also I think you made a good decision in using tagalog instead of english. I’m so proud to have you as my voice cast. ^^

  4. Fantastic film, reminds me of those nostalgic french italian film vibes

    A blurry effect can be used on the clips that feature the protagonist because somehow the clarity sort of decreases the sense of watching the person and increases the awareness that it was filmed casually at home kind-of-thing. Its not a bad thing, only something to improve for cinematography

    Maybe u could add some other sounds e.g. bird calls after your logo dissipates into the background, as if to signal the transition (audio wise) along with the visuals

    the light on the red curtains sort of makes the curtains too pinky, can readjust that to retain the raw red

    the text font might be more fitting to the theme if it was less shadowy, if thats possible to adjust. looking smth like the text at the start of the film would be perfect.

    what i really like and enjoy about your film is
    1) the consistent theme
    2) the subtle music and concise timing
    3) the narration (excellent oratoricals)
    4) the subtitles (which i feel, makes the film even more immersive)

    Overall, i think this is a HQ well-made work of art and you can certainly put this up on the big screen. someone pls give her a big budget already to make this into a thang.

  5. What Renee said and more. Amazing visual quality and well put together music and narration. I love how you’re using Tagalog and it already felt like I was watching a more pro short film. Looking forward to your finished work!

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