Week One

Our trip to the hospital gave all of us a chance to recce the place. There seems to be a noticeable lack of colour. I observed that it’s drab and sterile so a pop of colour will be nice. However, since colour is not up to discussion yet, my focus was on the form, shape, and composition. When it comes to shape, I’ve found out that humans are more attracted to curves rather than straight lines.

For my research, I went to the library and found two books that inspired me when it came to graphic design, the first was Illustration Next, a compilation book by Ana Benaroya, and the second one is How Posters Work by Ellen Lupton.


Thus, I went to Pinterest to compile my mood board with a direction in mind. Then, I did a quick mind map on a piece of paper and jotted down a few keywords.


Finally, I connected some of those keywords to visuals to come up with a more streamlined idea board. This is a visual representation of the mind map.

Artwork and photo references are not mine. Artists are credited on Pinterest. 

Benaroya, Ana. Illustration Next. Print.
Lupton, Ellen. How Posters Work. Print.

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