Speedy Recovery Research

For my research, I started with looking at greeting cards that have been created before. One particular series of cards which grabbed my attention was made by an Italian design firm GIOVANNIRUSSOGRAFICO Design & Advertising. It was a series of pop up cards for famous monuments around the world.

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-13-19-amLink: https://www.behance.net/gallery/184220/3D-Popup-Kirigami-postcards

This sparked my research to look at origami and pop-up books. I borrowed a couple from the ADM library that helped with the formation of my concept. They are Paper Folding for Pop-Up by Miyuki Yoshida and The Elements of Pop-Up by David A. Carter and James Diaz.

paper-folding-for-pop-up photo_2016-11-12_11-18-42

After looking at a few pages, I was inspired by the ones that featured architecture, especially a page that looked like a building.


This reminded me of HDB blocks are spurred me to experiment with some prototypes. I thought of the concept of “The Home” and how when someone is in the hospital, especially for a long time, there is a homesickness that develops.


For the illustration, Léonard Dupond was a great inspiration. He’s an illustrator who creates cityscapes and spaces with just a few colours. However, Marcin Wolski‘s work was the one that I really tried to emulate since there was sort of wistful quality to it.


I ultimately ended up with this base for the interior of the card.



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