Candice’s work ‘Conscious Bits – Data Incarnate’ is an interactive stand-alone and wearable devices or objects forms of will writing. It is to explore the possibilities of preserving and embodying presence through a collection of familial and personal data while pushing the envelops of a purely physical entity inherited from generation to generation.


To me, I think it is a creative and alternative ways to achieve ’rituals of remembering’ which is normally a sad and cold solemn moment. In Singapore or South-east Asia, people usually put black white picture of the one passed away in a place, and then burn incense or even make paper offerings. I have such experience of making paper offerings for my passed grandfather. Even though it is a formal remembering ritual to cherish the memory of family relationship as well as respecting the people, at that moment I would say I was feeling there seems to have a long gap and distance between me and my grandfather.


However, Candice breaks the rules and makes the rituals to be more heart-warming and feel closely. She preserve the device of the person and then use their voice as the presence to embody in an object. She turns disembodied presence into tangible. From her video, I can imagine it to be used as my familial remembering ritual, it would be really warm.


Behind the project, date plays an important role between man and object. Data is a medium to connect the relation from man to object, from generation to generation and from intangible to presence.


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