[DRAWING] In-class Figure Drawing and Still Life

20 mins for each drawing

It’s week 10 and we revisited still life today to see how much we’ve progressed from week 1. I think I did made some visible improvement and I’m quite glad! However, I still can’t get my drawings to look just right. I have to pay more attention to how I draw curvilinear forms with lines. Jesse said things are not made out of lines, but values. Maybe I can incorporate more values into my still life, though it’s hard to do so with the time restraint. I can also try drawing with contour lines though I don’t quite fancy that way of drawing still life. I will try drawing bigger next time to allow myself more space to work with details! Note to self: Draw the damn table lip BLEASE.

As for figure drawing, I’m quite proud of how I did the core shadows around Steven’s torso. Not very happy with the hands and legs though. I need to do more anatomical studies on how bones work, especially around the wrists and knees. Jesse told me to pay closer attention to the Y, W and Z shapes of the body and incorporate them into my drawings. It’s important to show clearly the areas where muscles (or even the cloth) overlap/ intersect/ have one in front of the other. Those are major points in the drawing that deserve closer investigation.

Sometimes, I know where are the areas where I’ve made mistakes. Areas where once I put down the mark, I go “ah that’s bad why did I do that”. But it’s hard to erase my marks because of my tool as well as time constraint. That won’t do. I have to practice being able to make decisively correct marks just as fast as I make my wrong ones. In order to do that, I must practice drawing the body more so that it’ll retain in my memory and hopefully overwrite my bad habits in some way.
I’ll be studying Bridgman and Hampton’s books this week to get myself ready for the next drawing session. Hopefully there’ll be some improvement!

Extra notes: take note of ankles (which goes up/down, front/back)

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