Here’s a quick status update on our semester project!

What we’ve managed to do so far:

– Using Boids2D, we created boids to simulate fish
– Combined with the tracking ability of blobs.centroids, the boids follow after a moving target, in our case a walking person
– Created a gif image of a moving fish and inserted it to replace the boids
– Managed to accurately rotate the fish such that they seem to be swimming in the direction that they are moving in

This video shows a peek of what’s happening:

Some issues that have to be sorted out:

– All the fish follow the same rotation
– When the fish collide, their alpha channels blend together
– What happens if there is more than one person?

Suggestions/feedback will be helpful! We want to push this idea further, probably by projecting the image of water surface (so that it seems that the person is walking on water) and created water ripples when the person is moving.

Thank you all!

Esmond, Cindy, Vivian, Pearlynn.