MA – Beard Papa Process

Hello world

For the second part of our moodbox, we made a group moodbox consisting of various parts of our groupmate’s individual mood boxes. We were really intrigued by the idea of flowing water and verticality and incorporated it into our group moodbox.

We first created the ‘shape’ of the frame with wood and tied fishing line at the top frame as we anticipated many elements to dangle in the space. Our music was very serene and mysterious and hanging elements in the space would complement this.

We then used a heat blower to ‘soften’ the wire mesh and rolled it into a snake-like coil that spirals and in the middle, dangled with fishing lines. We also sliced up blue acrylic into shards and let them ‘rain’ around our main dominant snaking sculpture. We then used the soldering iron to pierce holds for the wooden chopsticks to pierce through (wow piercing is just Pandora’s box all over again).

It is here we learnt that firstly, gloves are important and secondly, there is an existence of soft wire meshes, but I guess you can consider this one of those painful lessons of ADM.

Presenting… our Beard Papa mood box

Our group moodbox features various elements of the model.

But read more about our moodbox on our PDF!


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