Story Ideas

That Night

A man comes home one night to find his brother completely immobilized by fear and unable to look towards their living room window. With the house under renovation, there is no where else he could take him and they must spend the night in that room until the light of dawn.

Style: Psychological/mystery suspense focusing on the use of a built up atmosphere and limited use of sound and dialogue. ‘Warm’ lighting contrasted against a dim tone and mood.

That Night (2)

A man tries to comfort his friend who is frozen with fear at the wheel of his car. It is 3am in the morning, pouring from the monsoon rains, and they are completely isolated in the middle of an empty car park without any true indication of what caused the man’s fear pr where it could be.

Style: Begins light and calm before transiting into near silence and isolation. Blurry use of lights, if at all, and a ‘pace carried by the sound of the rain’.

Where We Fit In

Death takes his son among the living for a day to enable him to both experience and appreciate life, and thus, understand their place in it. It ends with a reveal of who/what the two actually were all along, as the two appear as men at the same age, with one simply more worldly and assuring in nature than the other.

Style: Pleasant atmosphere though not upbeat. A film about people going through their day as per normal whilst highlighting the ups and downs of life. Slow pans and bright lighting.