My Character

My Character, Diana, is a ditzy waitress in her 20’s who aims to open her own salon as a beautician. Due to her clumsy nature and lack of EQ skills, she has cycled through dozens of jobs after somehow screwing up in each one. One example of her lack of social skills is that she’s too honest, therefore she always manages to offend or amuse somehow due to her blunt tongue.

Waitressing at a famous hotel is her latest job. Diana desperately doesn’t want to get fired again because she’s in dire need of money to survive and she still wants to save for her dream salon. She grew up in a household with a pageant mum and two other sisters (all were forced into pageants since they were young till puberty when they learned to rebel). Diana and her sisters grew up with a skewed sense of self-image: they subconsciously hold their mum’s values, that “looks matter above all else in order to succeed in life”, which is why Diana feels being a beautician is the right choice since she gets to help people be beautiful while maintaining herself as well.

Dramatic Situation:

Diana’s on her first week at work as a waitress and she’s on her best behaviour. As she starts her shift, little by little, she annoys the patrons and her co-workers with her shenanigans. She seals her fate when she accidentally spills tea all over a well-known food critic’s lap.

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