Are You Happy?

This is my attempt to edit the vox pops conducted in school.

There were many interesting answers and reactions (i.e. those who gave a ‘no,’ and those who gave more personal answers rather than politically correct/safe ones), so I thought I’d group all their general answers together first before moving on to their reasoning to make it more digestible for viewers.

Here’s the link!

One thought on “Are You Happy?”

  1. Hi Lauren,  too much of this material is what would be classified as “NG” or unusable for broadcast – backgrounds over exposed, foregrounds underlit, some edits just too quick to be decent/meaningful.  This is not only your issue of course since roles were switched in the exercise.  What I would suggest is revisit the edit and make a) establishers of the location spaces and b) exclude the NG material and c) take more time with people.  There are good moments in this, but you also need  to make more of them and not rush the cuts.   Your choice of title is very nice but the edit needs revisiting.  Best wishes, Paul

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