Virtual Stylist – Description of the project

Project 1 : Virtual Stylist

Group Members : Danni, Skye, Florent

Description of the project

Buying clothes can take up a lot of time, and while some people like to go to stores and try out clothes, some people would rather just be done with it. Also the surge in online shopping, shows that a lot of people like to do their shopping on a screen.

The idea is to propose an on-screen experience that would enable you to try out different outfits without having to go around for hours looking for clothes. This service could be accessible direct from your home, to improve the online shopping experience and removing the stress of not being able to try it on before buying it. 

Extra features might be that there could be suggestions based on your current clothes, what other people who have looked at the same clothes as you have bought, and other features already on the online sites.

Author: Florent Ziegler

French Exchange Student. Industrial Design Engineering

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