Assignment 3 – FINAL

This is my final work for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Poster, wafer box, porcelain mug, festival pass.

In my work I connected all the items to the history of the city. Everything has an organically shaped number 53, which represents 53rd year of the festival and healing hot spring water that the city is famous for. Wafer box includes a stag, which is also connected to the legend about how the springs were discovered and the town was built. Porcelain mug is the typical souvenir people bring from the city, as well as it has a separate porcelain drinking straw, which preserves the minerals while you drink. Festival pass is the card for the whole week of the festival.


Upon the collection of festival pass the customers would also receive a recyclable brown bag that would include: pass, one wafer box, one porcelain mug.

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