Applied Illustration – Final and Reflection

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I had some Design classes in school before but at that time I decided to drop it because of the limited time for each assignment. I wasn’t able to come up with ideas I’m happy with in such a short period of time and didn’t find the right workflow for me. In this class here at ADM I enjoyed spending more time working on the assignments and really thinking about what to do. Towards the end there was a lack of time but at this point I was well prepared to still manage it somehow.
With the methods of preproduction I learned to apply for Illustrations here I’ve finally found my workflow and I’m happy with all the results.
I really enjoyed the lessons full of inspiration, tipps and techniques and am motivated to continue illustrating.

From all of you (other students) in class I learned that Illustrations can also be done in various different techniques. Before I always tried to work super clean and vectorized (Rainbow Machine 1.9.5 for example) but I might also test out some different techniques in the future. For the self portrait I tried to work with a drawing tablet in Illustrator for the first time to immitate the style of my templates but I realised that I still have to practise drawing a lot more to get on a level close to most of you ADM art students.

All in all im happy that i participated in this course. I expected to learn more about how to develop ideas for illustrations and with all the practise here i made a huge step forward.
Thank you all for the good time.
You’re all invited for my 25th Birthday in August 2019 for a Flow and Fuse Weekend in Stuttgart.

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