Final Project – Diptych

To create an outstanding experience I chose to make a diptych that forces the viewer to lay down or knee down to take a look at the full artwork.
The first piece of work is viewed from above and shows the upper planes of a left foot drawn in charcoal on a ground of dirt. Above hangs the opposite site of this foot, the bottom, surrounded by dirt aswell.

With this type of installation i want to show the one who is humble and interested enough a bodypiece that is usually quite private and sensitive.



Kneeling down on the dirty floor after recognising the neglected nails and wounded foot the viewer shows concern and dares to care. They take their time and energy to look after “someone” else.

It is not as strong as washing someone elses feet but just to realise the process of actually laying down in front of “someone” in the dirt to look after them is already a good sign of ministration to me.




To improve the experience of this work I should have designed a better mechanism to hang the second work from the ceiling without the use a stabilising roll of masking tape.
Also I could have covered the whole floor around the artwork in dirt so the viewer actually has to overcome themself even more to lay down.

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