LED Room Sketch – Testing on Screen

Done by Mark and Nasya.


3 Sketches

Testing on Screen

For testings on screen, we wanted to try the three various gestures and see how we could achieve what we had initially sketched, as documented below.

We have also decided that we will be basing our LED Room project on Sketch #3.

Sketch #3 – Party Mode

Upon spinning the phone, the lights change colours rapidly, like disco lights.

ZigSim Compass

Link to Video: Sketch 3 Party Mode

Sketch #2 – Sliding Colours

Upon sliding your finger on the phone, the colour of the lights change. For this testing, I also added a portion where if your finger is on the left the screen turns red, and if it is on the right it turns green.

ZigSim Touch

Link to Video: Sketch 2 Sliding Colours

Sketch #1 – Bed-Time

Upon flipping the phone face down, the colours turn off.

ZigSim Quaternion

Link to Video: Sketch 1 Bed-TimeĀ 


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