[Documentation] DiP-ADM Green – Areas of Improvement

Pushing aside the improvements we have made — as mentioned by Suhwee in an earlier post, one of the biggest area for us to improve on is how we can incorporate sound into our installation.

Sound has always been the component that is most underdeveloped for our installation. As of now, our idea is limited to simply using chimes to illustrate through audio the movements of our light patterns. We feel that more can be done to improve it, but we haven’t really been developing that as we are still too focused on making the light towers come together with the programming of the LED lights.

We aim to further develop the use of sound this coming Saturday, where we will be meeting with the IEM group to complete our prototype. As we have been communicating through Whatsapp most of the time, there are some information we are not able to relay clearly.

Another area to improve on would definitely be communication with the other side. We have been operating too individualistically that we don’t know each other’s process. But thankfully, the other teams has been receptive and patient with all our suggestions.

In our email to Jill, along with our slides from last week’s presentation, we also asked her three questions, and Jill was very nice to answer all of them patiently, even offering to help us to ask around.

Above is a screenshot of the questions we included in our email to her, and below is the screenshot of her reply.

Hopefully, her answers would be of use to fellow classmates reading this post as well. As of now, we have just drafted another email asking her for recommendations on speakers. Because we haven’t developed our sound yet, therefore, we only asked Jill for recommendations on speakers that can cover up to 10 metres, and which is easy to weather-proof, affordable, and powerful.

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