Task 1- Project 1a

1i) I chose this set of photos for my world because I feel that it best represents my childhood and lifestyle. the colour scheme of the photo is also very fitting to the theme and emotions I am trying to convey which is a very clean and homely feeling.

1ii) These images clearly shows the raw outlook of the place that I have lived for 20 years. I want the images to bring out the culture of my neighbourhood. I took the photos to show how old the neighbourhood which was how I remembered it to be when I was still young, it is the feel and the vibe I want to show to my viewers.    Most of the photos that I took in this series are close-up shots in order to give off a more intimate connection between my photos and my viewers. The set of photos is meant to show my reminisce of my childhood and how much I want to relive my childhood.

1iii) I chose to take my photos at a lower angle in hopes of depicting the view of a young child to better show how I am trying reminisce the memories of my childhood in this place.

IMG_9823 IMG_9834 IMG_9841 IMG_9850 IMG_9851

1i) I have chosen this set of photos as I find that it is the best portrays myself. They were purposefully edited to black and white to indicate the inner dark side of me.

1ii) The images shows how I am an introvert and how I am usually seen as unapproachable to most people. Thus, I covered my face in the first photo to try and show that I have a mysterious side. In the second photo, I used my hands to cover my eyes and my mouth to convey the message that I am not someone that opens up easily to others and that I am an introvert. However, for my third photo I chose to take a blurred shot of myself smiling which is quite contradicting as compared to my first two photos. I wanted to show that I am actually a friendly and sociable person deep down, by blurring the image it would seem like it is a hidden side of me that is not very clear to others.

1iii) I chose to photograph the first two images at a higher angle to show how I felt like I am being scrutinised and that is the first impression people have of me. By using a higher angle, I also want to be seen as being intimidated by the views of the society. As for the last photo, I took it at eye level to give off the feeling that I am approachable and that is actually my true nature.


IMG_9920 IMG_9923    IMG_9929

1i) I chose these images because I feel like these photos best convey my feelings and emotions towards my object, my hall key fob.

1ii) My first photo of this series is the solo shot of just my key fob. I chose to include this photo in my series as I wanted my object to really stand out hence, i wanted to have a solo shot for it. It shows the importance of my key fob to me and how it is a very big part of my life. For the second photo, I pictured myself holding my key fob as though it is a medal as I want to show it as a symbol of myself receiving freedom and holding it up as a prized possession further reinforces the idea. The third photo is of me cradling my key fob in my hands to show how much i cherish my key fob and how important it is to me. Through this set of photos I want to show how grateful I am to receive this form of freedom in terms of my key fob.

1iii) I composed the my images in many different angles to show the different interaction between my key fob and I. I wanted to play with the different angles to give this series of my photos a more vibrant and cheerful feeling which is what I am feeling with my key fob.

IMG_9897 IMG_9954 (1)  IMG_9995 (1)

Reflections: Through this project, I realised the importance of the use of different angles and colour scheme and it makes a very big difference to the vibe the photos gives off. The use of different angles tells a different story to the viewers and I found that the right use of angles in the most crucial when trying to convey a certain message or story to the viewers.


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