Task 2 – Project 1b

1i) I have chosen this series of photos as i feel that it best convey the way I read the poem by Robert Frost. The way that I interpreted the poem is that the poet is trying to show that everything would eventually lead to death. However, it is a choice of humans to choose the way in which they would want to die.

1ii) I used a dead rose as the representation of death in my photograph. In the first photo, I photographed a  rose being set on fire. To me fire has both the ability to take away life and also enable the regeneration of life. Fire has the ability to burn and take away life but it is also a sign of regeneration as the ashes and debris of the rose turns into fertiliser which is crucial in the regeneration of life form. I used water in replacement of ice. water also has the ability to sustain as well as take away life. It can be used to drown the rose but at the same time water is require the ensure the survival of the rose. Thought this I want to show the inner contradiction as well as trigger the audience to think of the way the would choose to die.

1iii) I chose to photograph the first and last photo as landscape as I wanted the placement of the photos to seem like it is converging routes leading to the center photo as thought my viewers are choosing the paths that they prefer that would eventually lead to death.

IMG_0012 IMG_0001 IMG_0006

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