Open Source Studio (OSS) Showcase: Process, Sharing and Social Space

Directed by Randall Packer, Associate Professor of Networked Art, School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technology University

Special thanks: Vibeke Sorensen, Peer Sathikh, Kristy Kang/School of Art, Design and Media; Peter Looker/Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy; CITS (Centre for IT Services); Vishaka Mantri/OSS Assistant Project Manager; Juan Camilo Gonzales, Hui Wen Wong/OSS Developers.

1. Brief History of Milestones


2. Introduction to Open Source Studio (OSS)

Key concepts: 

  • Process: an online virtual studio learning environment built as a WordPress multi-site for documenting the creative process, including assignments, research, critique, and portfolio (including Final Year Projects), 
  • Sharing: emulates social media, emphasizing openness through database aggregation into class sites and post feeds with comment threads
  • Social Space: introduces online learning experiences that extends the social dynamics of the physical classroom and the art critique, encouraging interaction in a virtual community
  • Pedagogical Research: provides an environment for faculty to collaborate and contribute to online teaching pedagogy as joint research.

3. OSS in Practice

[NOTE – To navigate the Showcase: Embedded links in course names link to the referenced site, while clicking on images expand into details.]

The Class Site
Media and Performance | Randall Packer

The Syllabus
Foundation 2D | Ina Conradi Chavez


The Student Site
The Forge | Sng Xi Xian Issa


Beverley | Beverley Ng


Charlene | Charlene Lim Jia Zhen


Rachops | Tan Rui Qi Rachel


The Final Year Project (FYP) Site
Peer M. Sathikh | Product Design


Ina Conradi Chavez | Visual Comm | FYP Report Updates


Vishaka Mantri | Synthesis for FYP Report and Project 


Process Documentation (Product Design) | Muhammad Sabri


The Virtual Critique (commenting)
Internet Art and Culture | Randall Packer



Introduction to the Histories of Art II | Sujatha Arundathi Meegama


The Online Gallery
Technology Art in Fashion | Galina Mihaleva


Student Presentations | Ina Conradi Chavez


Portfolio Showcase Demo of Immersive Posts | Vishaka Mantri


The Collaborative Site
Issues in Interactive Media Global Cultures & Difference in the Media Arts | Kristy Kang

4. The Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom environment that functions as a space for media presentation, the critique of student work, real-time conversation in a chat room, and dynamic Web links in which pages are remotely launched on student browsers. All forms of media, including images, video and sound can be integrated seamlessly into the virtual space of web-conferencing, with students and other participants.


Web-conferencing also opens up the classroom to a much larger arena of participants, by accommodating guest artists, curators, and scholars from anywhere in the world. This ability to invite guests into the virtual classroom creates unprecedented opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, collaborative projects, and inter-institutional dialogue.

Guest Artist | Ian Aleksander Adams (from San Francisco)


The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium

Live Performance

The goal of OSS is to provide a collaborative learning and teaching experience, an exploratory medium that is designed for the needs of faculty and students, together adapting to a 21st century global information society.