B A Z ______________ G

B A Z ____ G is an urban local bag modelled after the traditional Chinese rice dumpling (better known as Bazhang). The pyramid structure is made of a slightly malleable plastic sheet wrapped in grey speckled cotton. The strings are wrapped strategically around the structure to imitate the defining rattan of an actual Bazhang, which then segues into a strap.

The bag is meant for casual carry, with the holding capacity for daily necessities such as your phone, wallet, a kindle, or some dumplings. The heavily padded interior makes for good protection to your valuables, making the bag thief-proof and shock-proof. The insulated layers can also keep your dumplings warm.

More importantly, there is an apparent aesthetic and sentimental value to having it shaped to a Bazhang. This interpretation is personal and varies greatly from person to person, though my approach is slightly warm and nostalgic.

Not compromising the functionality of the bag, the straps are completely adjustable and customisable. The bag acts as a handbag, sling bag, backpack , or carry, depending on how the straps are arranged and worn. Their lengths can also be easily adjusted to suit the physique of the user.

On one surface, the bag opens up diagonally to a single compartment for simple everyday on-the-go storage.

The strings have been tied in complexly neat knots that give it an urban industrial reference. Textures of the bag are also mostly linear to bring out a sense of geometrical harmony. The colour scheme is grey and blue, which liberates it from the traditional green and pink scheme of an actual Bazhang, and therefore allowing a modern finish.