Project 3 Final

Reliability – immovable, dependable.

A slanted flat surface gives a platform that give the illusion that the object might be falling off due to the law of physic. Square is representing as a reliable object that stand firm on the surface. Circle as an unreliable object as it gives the impression that it is easily roll around. The circle resting upon the square object which increase the reliable feeling. It gives a feeling that the circle had stop moving due to the square object.

Design Principles

Contrast – the great different color change between light and dark colors which make the lighter color object appear in front of the poster. It creates a “pops.” effect.

Movement – the gradual change of blue colors from dark blue to light blue which guide the user eye towards the main object of the poster

Proportion – The Golden Ratio and One-Third Rule – the ratio in the Golden as being pleasing.


Primary Colors – blue – it is a cool color. It gives a Trustworthy, Calming emotion to the viewer.

Secondary Colors – orange – it is a Warm color. It gives Fresh, Youthful emotion to the viewer.

Complimentary Colors – Colors that are totally opposite of each other in the color wheel. It makes the object stands out.


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