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I chose to use my Project 3: Ego works for this zine, and all of the pieces were achieved using watercolours on paper. Since the pieces have a hand painted, organic style to them, I found that many ways of arrangement do not work for this; the pages just looked too cluttered. So instead of going for something elaborate and fancy, I decided to go the other way: simple and elegant. With only one (maximum two) pieces per page, I’ve managed to allow the art to stand out against the white background.

Another problem I encountered was the readability of the text bodies in my zine.

20160415_172323 copy

For some reason, it looked great to me in InDesign, but printed out spotted and thin. I thought this was just because my printer is bad, but the good colour printer also showed this result.

20160415_172417 copy

I changed the font opacity and thickness and the problem was quickly solved.

20160415_172448 copy


Final Thoughts

I’m so glad we got the chance to learn some functional skills like using InDesign to make a zine. I never even knew about zines until this project, and this opened up a whole different world for me. So many uses for zines!

I’m also really appreciative of you, Shirley, and my classmates who made lessons super duper fun and happy 🙂 hope to see you guys in the next sem and beyond! 😀

Project 3: Ego


New Doc 11_12

Fungi (Fun Guy) (Punny) – 1/12

New Doc 11_11

+ Silly – 2/12

New Doc 11_10

= Me – 3/12

New Doc 11_9

Ideas – 4/12

New Doc 11_8

– Artist’s Block – 5/12

New Doc 11_7

= A Better Me – 6/12

New Doc 11_6

Confidence – 7/12

New Doc 11_5

× Love – 8/12

New Doc 11_4

= An Ideal Me – 9/12

New Doc 11_3

Professionalism – 10/12

New Doc 11_2

+ Jobs – 11/12

New Doc 11_1

= Me in 5 Years – 12/12


New Doc 12_1 New Doc 12_2 New Doc 12_3 New Doc 12_4 New Doc 12_5 New Doc 12_6 New Doc 12_7