Project 1b: Fire and ice


This set of photos visually depicts the poem which conveys the idea that both fire and ice can destroy the world. The first picture shows the noxious gas emitted into the sky by industries pollutes natural environment. The red tone symbolizes the fire of human’s endless desire on economic growth in ignorance of environmental protection. Natural disasters and global warming are the vengeance of the environment which alerts people the end of the world will come eventually if the fire of greed and selfishness continues burning.

The second photo was taken at the end of the corridor. With a little cool tone vanishing scene surrounded by major proportion of black, a sense of destructive desperation and loneliness is exhibited. Being isolated by others resembles being blocked by a bulk of ice. A person’s mental and psychological world will be destroyed if he or she is insulated by others.

The third photo was taken as the form of silhouette to show indifferent and untrustworthy side of human being. A couple stand back to back symbolizes people’s relationships may not be as genuine and authentic as they appear to be. Intrigue and conspiracy are the outcomes of the human’s dark side. If no trust and true relations can be found, the world will come to an end in some way.


Project 1a:Self-exploration

First set of photos depicts me wandering from Changi airport, passing by Marina Bay and finally reaching NTU. It symbolizes me, as a scholar from China, drifting around Singapore, chasing after my dream despite the feelings of loneliness and vagrancy. The final shot which is me gazing at the NTU badge signifies I believe NTU can give me a sense of belonging and help me fulfill my dream in Singapore.

Yin and Yang

The second set of shots depicts Yin and Yang in my personality. Yin Yang Tu describes how opposite and contrary forces are complementary,interconnected and interdependent. I am in the process of integrating Yin and Yang meaning into my characteristic.


This set of photos portrays my world. My hall view, my basketball, and my spectacles respectively represent my temporary home, my favorite sport and my special perspective of seeing the wold.