Assignment 1: Recreating an Old Photo

Preparation: For the first assignment, my main objective is to familiarise with the use of light in the process of photo taking. Thanks for the help by Nadia and Vincent, I spent an enjoyable noon with them recreating the old photo generously offered by Nadia.

Process: For the first step, I observed the direction of the light source from the old photo. I noticed the light most likely projected vertically down suggested by the shades of the trees. Hence I decided to recreate the photo around 11 am when the light is straight up and the contrast is relatively strong.

During the shot, I found an area below the tree and ask Nadia sit in the shade where the light is coming from the back of the top. Nadia is so cooperative that she recreated the same gesture from the old photo and made the whole process easier. With the post editing, I managed to get the similar yellowish tint of the old photo.


Reflection: Because of the unfamiliar of Naida camera’s viewfinder, I adjusted the focal length wrong and it causes the portrait a bit out of focus. I will take this as a lesson learned in future.



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